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Saga Electronics Co.,Ltd. Is a professional electronic components agents and distributors, with nearly 20 years of electronic components industry experience.After many years of accumulation and development, legend electronic from the past spot trade distribution then step into the main agent line, spot distribution as a supplement to the mixed punishment distributors.Currently has more than authorized agent product line, all kinds of active and passive components and electromechanical components, products include IC integrated circuit, memory chips, two, transistor, resistor, capacitor, inductor, connectors, relays, switches, wires and battery components, etc., for the global customers with one-stop fast, professional, convenient, comprehensive, high quality of supply and marketing services.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Saga has four branches in China, including shenzhen, Beijing, suzhou and chengdu. It is the largest agent of American brand LSI in the asia-pacific region and has won the title of "best agent" for three consecutive years.In addition, Saga has set up purchasing centers and offices in shenzhen, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the United States, Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom, Singapore and other places in China, and maintains close cooperation with more than 6,000 original manufacturers, agents, traders and inventory suppliers.Thanks to such a strong and comprehensive purchasing network, Saga has been able to solve urgent problems for customers around the world within 24 hours.Supply service for electronic materials in short supply and discontinued. Reply to customers within 1 hour and deliver to Hong Kong within 3-5 days.At the same time, Saga also has tens of thousands of inventory data and market information, which gather the high-quality spot inventory and market flow of the world's major manufacturers, and help customers in research and development.Procurement.Production, logistics and other aspects of effective inventory management, reasonable cost reduction, delivery time gradually shortened are very favorable.

Saga is a group of elite team dreams, "honesty and innovation, enterprising" is the culture of Saga, Saga with enthusiasm and sincere attitude, is the pursuit of excellence, constantly on the service channel and make customer satisfaction increase year by year, steadily growing customer groups, involving medical, automotive, security, industrial control, communications, consumer and other fields.Saga has also been recognized by more and more famous companies, such as flextronics, foxconn, SCI, samsung, panasonic, changhong, huawei, byd and so on.Saga has established a good long-term supply relationship with these enterprises and achieved a real sense of cooperation and win-win situation.

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