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LSI/CSI Brand Introduction:

LSI/CSI was founded in 1969.Since its inception has been engaged in full custom and standard integrated circuit design and production.Through the application of a wide range of process technologies, the IC produced by LSI/CSI has been extended to many fields, such as automobile, communication, electronic measurement, aerospace, household appliances, heating, ventilation and air conditioning control, motion control, office computer, telephone line test and so on.In 1996, LSI/CSI obtained iso9001:2000 quality certification. Its mature professional skills and good reputation make LSI/CSI stand out and become the preferred IC supplier for leading manufacturers....

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Saga Electronics Co.,Ltd. Is a professional electronic components agents and distributors, with nearly 20 years of electronic components industry experience.After many years of accumulation and development, legend electronic from the past spot trade distribution then step into the main agent line, spot distribution as a supplement to the mixed punishment distributors.Currently has more than authorized agent product line, all kinds of active and passive components and electromechanical components, products include IC integrated circuit, memory chips, two, transistor, resistor, capacitor, inductor, connectors, relays, switches, wires and battery components, etc., for the global customers with one-stop fast, professional, convenient, comprehensive, high quality of supply and marketing services....


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