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MORE>>Emergency component supply pla

Emergency component supply plan

Shortage of components supply: original quality + fast service.

Expert in solving shortage of electronic components for shortage of professional chip suppliers.

Preferred spot supply partner for world-renowned EMS electronic product manufacturers.

All kinds of shortage IC, memory chip, passive components spot delivery within three days.

More than 1000 kinds of components available from stock, the following is part of the distribution brand.

MORE>>Suspension of component supply

In component supply, component shutdowns are also a concern for many customers, putting them at risk of redesigning products, disrupting production lines, or having to pay more to source components from other sources.With the priority of customer inventory accumulated in the past decade, Saga has more than 5,000 customers and suppliers, and the inventory information of nearly 100 million discontinued components in the original factory.These products can be provided to customers at any time. They are completely supplied from stock. The inventory and transportation environment in line with international standards can also eliminate customers' worries about quality.

MORE>>Cost reduction and lead time

Long-term supply of electronic components to reduce costs:

With the global large-scale EMS joint procurement channels;Enjoy the original factory direct priority of supply;Has the world's most competitive price advantage.

Distribution brands with long-term stable supply and cost advantages:

FORECAST orders from customers, JIT delivery.Accept order change within 4 weeks.

Powerful global supply chain systems and advanced e-commerce capabilities.

MORE>>Bom supporting supply program

Saga has a wide range of brand management, comprehensive market price information, and can quickly assist procurement of small batch BOM complete set, saving the trouble of finding multiple suppliers to compare prices.Saga, as the assistant of customers to fully integrate market resources and information, also strengthens the strategic partnership between the two sides.

Customers need to BOM and cost target price to us, Saga will assist the customer BOM cost control, according to customer's production schedule, JIT kit within 3 to 7 days of delivery to the customer, and customer BOM in the table element concentration of long-term and stable supply of form a complete set, guarantee delivery according to customer's production plan, simplify the arrangement of the logistics at the same time, reduce the cost.

MORE>>Surplus inventory disposal pla

Saga has a complete warehousing and logistics network and professional channels of goods custody and distribution.It can help customers to improve the inventory change rate and the capital recovery rate, so as to reduce the inventory management cost and avoid the risk of goods loss and scrap due to personnel and storage conditions

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